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Comments (31)

badgrllover is offline top badgrllover said on 06/24/2013 04:41 PM :

Very hot

zauberbiene is offline top zauberbiene said on 06/24/2013 05:39 PM :

She looks awsome bald

muddinmitch is offline top muddinmitch said on 06/24/2013 11:50 PM :

Very sexy girl !

oversight is offline top oversight said on 06/25/2013 07:47 AM :


nackenfrei is offline top nackenfrei said on 06/27/2013 04:34 PM :

wouwww. beautyfl...hot...sexy

mwtrc is offline top mwtrc said on 07/03/2013 06:17 AM :

Wow, very very hot!!!! She should never grow hair again and stay bald forever.

guest top guest said on 07/10/2013 11:11 AM :

You look so beautiful!!!

guest top guest said on 07/15/2013 03:33 PM :

Very nice bald life !

buzz is offline top buzz said on 07/25/2013 10:35 PM :


tazcut69 is offline top tazcut69 said on 07/26/2013 04:39 AM :

I love bald girls

napeman is offline top napeman said on 07/31/2013 04:03 PM :

hot sexy n smooth wow

guest top guest said on 08/03/2013 01:14 PM :

Hot.   Would love to meet her

carlitosgallego2013 is offline top carlitosgallego2013 said on 08/11/2013 05:56 PM :

wow you look quite stunning

keepitsmooth is offline top keepitsmooth said on 12/02/2013 04:37 AM :

Wow are you for real?!!! I would love to meet you. You are so beautiful!

lovebaldwomen2 is offline top lovebaldwomen2 said on 12/03/2013 09:59 AM :

you are so hot and sexy with your head shaved bald wow

smoothlover1 is offline top smoothlover1 said on 12/21/2013 05:45 PM :

You look great bald. It's a style you should keep.

smooth4w is offline top smooth4w said on 01/16/2014 07:59 PM :

For any man from here: I'm an man too, I don't know who's this beautiful lady but she's really stunning with that smooth bald scalp! Very intense, isn't?

wombat123 is offline top wombat123 said on 02/10/2014 07:03 PM :

Hi. You are looking great.  Love the photo.

petrobras is offline top petrobras said on 04/23/2014 10:33 PM :

Very sexy!

jotrouper is offline top jotrouper said on 05/18/2014 08:56 AM :


tenacioust is offline top tenacioust said on 06/06/2014 04:47 AM :

Alopecian beauty

shavedglow is offline top shavedglow said on 06/16/2014 01:23 AM :

Beautiful women

rich is offline top rich said on 07/11/2014 04:19 AM :

She looks very beautiful

baldlover60 is offline top baldlover60 said on 08/16/2014 09:32 AM :

You are very beautiful with your bald head. I love it. Kisses from Germany.

jaredsmith8274 is offline top jaredsmith8274 said on 10/07/2014 02:46 AM :

Love it

lizard2771 is offline top lizard2771 said on 10/14/2014 07:47 PM :

pretty Face but she looks better with short Bob or Flattop (i think)

corza is offline top corza said on 01/18/2015 02:54 PM :


dlsofsetx is offline top dlsofsetx said on 01/19/2015 04:39 AM :

A real beautiful bald lady.You lovely head is a perfect shape for baldness.

stevieharmon is offline top stevieharmon said on 01/22/2015 04:26 PM :

Miss you are stunning.

corza is offline top corza said on 02/06/2015 06:44 AM :

Hey u look cute bald will u shave my head

corza is offline top corza said on 02/06/2015 06:45 AM :

Hey u look cute bald will u shave my head